Geographical coordinates:
latitude: 44°31′21.11" North
longitude 34°15′39.82" East

Château Côtes de Saint-Daniel (the French for "Château at the Ai-Danil Coast") is a unique modern wine-making enterprise which was established with participation of international expert wine-makers, in accordance with modern world standards, using the best European equipment, on the model of a French château, with a full cycle of wine-making: from growing grapes to wine bottling.

The vineyards occupy about 20 ha.
The first harvest was processed in September 2008.
The first wine bottling - June 2009.

The vineyards of Château Côtes de Saint-Daniel are located on steep mountain flanks, which provides the optimum exposure of the vine to light. Our agronomists look after the vine all the year round and the grapes are hand-picked and hand-graded.

At Château Côtes de Saint-Daniel, we use the most modern wine-making technology. Just like they do at the world’s best wine-making enterprises, we use the cold wine bottling without pasteurisation. We also apply the advanced microfiltration technology, due to which wine is maintained “live” and its taste never deteriorates.

The combination of modern European technologies, international wine-making experience and the potential of the terroir of Crimea’s South Coast, together with the well-balanced coupages of the local and classic grape varieties, permit to produce high-quality wines with bright individuality. Which is why the very first wines of Château Côtes de Saint-Daniel, which appeared on the market in 2009, were duly appreciated both by consumers and specialists - wine dealers, sommeliers and experts.