Vino di Conteria

Vino di Conteria (Wine from the estate of Count)
Varietal table red demi-sec.


Produced from the Saperavi grape variety grown near Yalta in Crimea. Is of dark red colour. Flavours of black currants and prunes complement each other very well merging into an excellent bouquet. Has a full taste saturated with acidity. Noticeable are unexpected pleasant creamy and chocolaty tinges. The wine has a velvety walnut aftertaste. Drink chilled to 14-16 ° С.


Alc: 13
Sugar: 10


To make this wine after double sorting on vibrating table selected the best grapes. Then the berries are separated from the ridge and crushing delicate.
Pulp infused at a temperature of 40 ° C 45 in stainless steel containers, for 5-6 days. After the pulp is pressed to present a pneumatic press in the delicate cycle.

The fermentation process is carried out in carbon dioxide condition at a controlled temperature of +18 ° C 20 in stainless steel containers. Fermentation stops classical way - cold treatment.

After the wine material production process rests on two to five months in stainless steel containers. The wine is bottled cold filling using microfiltration.